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USA Today: ‘Gangster Conduct, extortion allegations and a messy ownership dispute in Washington

As the Washington Football Team clawed its way to an NFC East title this season, its owners have been engaged in a fight of their own in federal court in Maryland…

Sports Illustrated: Coronavirus Liability Waivers Raise Questions As College Athletes Return to Campus

Some experts think these waivers are just a way of educating players about coronavirus without any real legal standing, but others are concerned it represents schools asserting power over their athletes…

Sports Illustrated: Group Licensing Is the Key to Return of NCAA Video Games-So What’s the Holdup?

What would it take for a video game like NCAA Football to return? Inside the industry reaction to the NCAA’s name, image and likeness report…

Sports Illustrated: Inside the Lawsuit That Could Shake Up the Entire Esports Industry

What would it take for a video game like NCAA Football to return? Inside the industry reaction to the NCAA’s name, image and likeness report…

The Washington Post: The NCAA whiffed on esports. It’s paying a price but can still learn a lesson.

The fate of college football and NCAA athletic events this year appear to be in serious jeopardy due to the coronavirus pandemic…

The Washington Post: Investors are Flocking to Video Gaming, but be wary of esports, SPACS, advisors say

Investors are flooding the video game market with money at a record rate during a pandemic-inspired boom.

The Washington Post: One byproduct of esports betting? A crackdown on cheating.

With covid-19 shuttering both casino floors and traditional sports arenas, Nevada and other states have leaned into esports as a viable alternative to keep betting windows open…

The Washington Post: For esports players, the tax man cometh

Ask a professional gamer how they’d label their occupation and they may have several suggestions, not particularly caring which you choose…

The Washington Post: D.C. break dancing school to host Rock the Box Breaking Tournament

Like break dancing itself, Antonio Castillo’s Takoma dance studio began spontaneously.

The Washington Post: School apps track students from classroom to bathroom, and parents are struggling to keep up

A digital hall-pass app that tracks bathroom trips is the latest school software to raise privacy concerns…

Bass Resource: Hook, Line and Sinker

If I told you that women spend a lot of money it wouldn’t be news. But if I told you that women spend $3 billion annually on trip-related fishing expenses and fishing equipment, it would be huge news.

U.S. Women End Money Dispute with USSF

The U.S. Soccer Federation and nine of its top women players on Thursday settled a financial dispute that threatened to keep the players from this summer’s Olympics.

CNN Video: Russian Officials Respond to Doping Allegations

Sports attorney Ellen Zavian discusses impact of doping allegations on Russia and track and field.

The New York Times: New Jersey Q&A: Ellen M. Zavian; A Female Agent For Professional Athletes

THERE are not many women who would take on a big football player and tell him what to do. But for the dozen women among the nearly 600 player representatives listed with the National Football League Players Association, it’s part of their job.

NPR: College Applications Down As Recruitment Process Goes Virtual

NPR’s Michel Martin discusses college admissions and athletic recruitment amid a pandemic with three people who have deep knowledge of the process: Jenny Rickard, Beth Arey and Ellen Zavian.

NPR: College Football This Fall Could Create Legal Troubles For NCAA

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with law Professor Ellen Zavian about universities pushing for football to return when students aren’t on campus and what that means for the NCAA’s definition of amateurism.

NPR Market Place discusses the future of the NCAA with Professor Ellen Zavian

Youtube: ACC Uses GLD for Contract Management

Hear ACC’s Associate General Counsel, Ellen Zavian, talk about choosing GLD to manage their contracts and keep organized.

Youtube: WomenInNegotiation – EMZ Negotiation Institute

Negotiating Is A Contact Sport and women need to learn key negotiation skills while working with men in all types of industries.

The Village Voice: Rolling For Dollars

The thousands of skateboarding fans fortunate enough to be cooling inside the first union center in sweltering Philadelphia for last August’s ESPN 2001 Summer X Games were well rewarded.

C-SPAN: Ellen Zavian

Ellen M. Zavian is a Professor for Sports Management in the George Washington University with one video in the C-SPAN Video Library

C-SPAN: Security at the Olympic Games

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi ended, a panel of experts assessed security operations at the games, and discussed lessons learned from Russia’s experience. 

The Guardian: Why parents in a school district near the CIA are forcing tech companies to erase kids’ data

As families worry for their children’s futures, a district has instituted a yearly data purge

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