Andy McDonald, Professional Skateboarder
Ellen helped Andy and fellow X-Gamers create the United Professional Skateboarders Association after negotiating a better contract with Disney/ESPN.

Ellen Zavian’s Clients have included:

40+ NFL Players

  • Frank Reich, QB, Buffalo Bills
  • Troy Brown, WR, New England Patriots
  • Coach Dickerson, Buffalo Bills

100+ Olympic Gold Medalists

  • U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team Members
  • U.S. National Women’s Softball Team Members

20+ Extreme Sport Athletes

  • X-Games and Gravity Game Starts (Skateboarder, BMX, Inliner)


The Embassy Team “would also like to thank you for working with us for the course and for going out of your way to help students.”

“Ellen is an accomplished negotiator who combines extensive experience with a deep knowledge of the process. Ellen’s engagement style uses personal stories as the basis for skill development…she empowers us all to be more effect at the bargaining table.” GWU.

Zavian Teacher Award 2021

“….her ability to personalize the session to women in the bio field was right on point.” Women in Bio Organization

“Her sports examples bring it to life and make it memorable!” Deloitte

“Ellen made our client appreciation luncheon come alive!” Bass, Berry & Sims PLC

“Ellen can take the most difficult subject and make it understandable and memorable.” Bridgeway

“After I met Ellen at our Title IX Event, where she did several women only workshops, I just knew we needed to bring her back to speak to our global sales team.” ESPN

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