Ellen is



and authentic.

A Renaissance Women is how Ellen is known in the industry. Her style of negotiation is founded upon principles of integrity, truth, and fairness. No matter the ‘underdog’ situation her clients are in, it is her style to be keep the big picture in mind. She is respected on both sides of the isle as someone dedicated to helping others and paying it forward.

As a Jack-of-all trades, she has navigated the tough world of sports and entrepreneurship, while tirelessly sharing her skills of leadership and business-savvy with those in and outside her classroom.

Top executives and companies trust Ellen to help them articulate their compelling narrative to get hired. She speaks, consults, authors, and coaches, guiding her clients to realize their value proposition.

Whether you hire her to strategize, negotiate, speak, or develop a business concept, Ellen brings her A-Game every time.

If you meet Ellen, you will know her for life and be able to rely upon her as you navigate your business and career.

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